Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my world.

If you’re here, chances are that you like hot men doing hot things to each other. You’ll find that here.

You will find books with more plot than sex, and books with lots of sex and a good plot. Books of the paranormal kind.

I take pride in making up mythologies, demigods, creatures of the paranormal, etc. from scratch, but of course inspired by the real world. It is my goal to make these worlds and the characters believable, so that you may sit back and be envelop in a world and surrounded by characters you can relate to, even though they are very different from your own life.

It is my goal to make you smile, laugh, love, rejoice, cry, sit at the edge of the chair, read through the night, and even curse me in the morning for having to go to work too tired from a hot and exciting night. That okay, too.

Let’s go explore as these worlds unfold…








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