Blood & Thunder

BTTHIRDS—Blood & Thunder

Charlie Cochet

Dreamspinner Press

p-book ISBN-13 978-1-63216-177-2
e-book ISBN-13 978-1-63216-178-9

Pages: 226

Cover L.C. Chase

Rating: ***** (of five)

Agents Dexter J. Daley and Sloane Brodie from the THIRDS Alfa Unit Destructive Delta have had eight months to get to know each other as partners and secret lovers. They took down the HumaniTherian killer in Hell & High Water and await their next case.

But something arose from the ashes of that case—an idea that Therians are nothing but animals to be put down. This idea is the root of Destructive Delta’s new headache as the idea blossoms into an Order which will do anything to expose what THIRDS have tried to keep hidden for decades about the first generation Therians.

As the case unfolds, so does Dex’s and Sloane’s relationship. Sloane’s past and long since buried heartaches are ripped open as he scrambles to find heads or tail in the mess that is both his current life and past. Dex on the other hand struggles to find his place in Sloane’s chaos of a personal life, and his place as his partner at a chaotic job.

Charlie Cochet manages, as always, to deliver a quick witted humor, action, hot scenes, and just the right balance of feelings and melancholy to not make it sappy. Cleverly paced, the THIRDS world evolves and expands. Feelings for the characters deepen as their friendships and hardships unfold and we are taken even further behind the close ties of this Destructive Delta family.

The books of this series are the only books I have picked up more than once to read. It is not until this second time around that I can sit down and write a review as I was too eager to read more after the first book. I have waited until now so as to have them all fresh in my memory as the fifth installment is due in two weeks. This because Cochet has this nasty habit of ending with cliffhangers that would leave most readers bawling from having to wait for the next book. I am no exception.

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