Release Day!

CoE1 release

Release day!

After a long and educational trip through the international publishing world my debut is finally here. As English is my second language it is no surprise that getting a manuscript ready takes a bit more work. Doing something I love the whole learning experience has been fantastic! I am fortunate to have been taken in by a publishing house who believes in me and the potential of my story. What a crew! Thank you everyone at eXtasy Books!

Anchored in Stone is the first book in a new paranormal M/M series with Demigods and a young pickpocket who lands himself in a world of trouble.

ISBN #:978-1-4874-0358-4
Page Count: 372
Word Count:106985


Alex made his way down the corridors, watching out for the guard. This one he found leafing through a magazine with his feet up and his back turned to the staircase. Alex stopped, breathed in deeply, and let it out slowly, reminding himself that a fat guard’s dumb luck was what caught his cat burglar mentor. No matter how carefully one builds a card house, a gust of wind can bring it all down.
So Alex took his time and focused all his expertise on getting past this guard as if he were from the agency itself. Finally in the basement, he made his way to the crate, pushed it open, and sought out the stone first. He found it and put it in a bag, which he in turn put in his thigh pocket, before stuffing another bag with whatever his pricey education had told him was worth the most on the black market.
Happy with his find, he turned, but something seemed to have a hold on the pocket with the stone in. He turned and found himself face to face with a big, mean-looking ghost. He gasped and clasped his left hand over his mouth to catch the scream he couldn’t stop, and clutched the stone with his right.
And then he ran. He didn’t even care if the guard saw him. He made it past the guard, who was nowhere in sight, and exited through the service entrance.
Alex didn’t stop until his body threatened to vomit out his heart. He stopped and by sheer exhaustion, his body chose to empty his stomach anyway. He took the stone out and stared at it. It felt almost as if fine electricity danced between it and where it touched his skin.
“What the hell did you have me steal, Mr. Henry?”

Now comes the next grueling period—waiting for the reviewers’ verdicts.

Check in on my WIP page from time to time to see how far we are with the next installment.


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