Time to write—organized

I’ve had a fantastic few months writing. I took an advice from a fellow author and made a schedule. I learned that keeping track of my writing by having pages with a visual progress upped my motivation, but it also helped me plan my time better.

So, November I managed 67.500 words and December so far is almost 50.000.

It will be interesting to see what 2016 has to offer with this new tool at hand, but I thought I’d share my success and hope other’s can learn from it and maybe improve their own quantity.

The first two pictures show how I divide a book into steps of 2500 words. These are my minimum quota pr. day. One page can be used over several months. I know they look a bit smudgy and messy, but I’m working on tweaking the tool during the New Year.

The calendar is a newly added tool for a bigger overview of my overall progress which is color coordinated to show more than just the daily progress.



For instance:

  • Yellow are writing days where I’ve written at least 2500 words
  • Orange are editing days, and I’ve put about three months in for that all in all
  • Green is the day I finished a first draft
  • Blue is the day a book is published

For 2016 I have planned on writing 450.000 words. This makes roughly 37,500 words a month, divided into fifteen days of writing, and fifteen days of editing, marketing etc.

Or nine months of 50.000 and three months of editing to make the math a bit more square. The good part is that it’s flexible.

This tool can work whether one writes several books at a time or just one, I guess, but I’ve always needed a few storylines at a time so that one book can ripen in the back of my head while another gets my attention.

Right now I’m writing a Paranormal series (WIP #5), and a Science Fiction (WIP #2), and I like having two so different worlds going on. I don’t think I could write two in the same genre unless the worlds are miles apart somehow.

2016 is going to be a good year! Because I planned it that way!

Man plans and God laughs, yeah, I’ve heard that, too, but I’m gonna give it my best anyway.

Happy New Year! May you find interesting new authors to enjoy.

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