Sui Lynn – Adel’s Purr (#1)

Sui Lynn

Adel’s Purr (#1)

Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-374-7

Pages 196

Cover: L.C. Chase

So, gargoyles are those stone things sitting somewhere high on old buildings. Well, one of them is made of marble. He’s hot, has wings and eats evil!

The lore of gargoyles is old, but never had I thought of them the way Sui Lynn envisioned them. In a world very different from what we know—the autumn of mankind’s existence where mostly males had survived and the church had taken over “the breading program”—the story of Evan and Adel unfolds.

Evan Harvald has a special talent—he can speak to gargoyles, even awaken them from their sleep. But his talents are not viewed as a gift by the church. They view his rare kind and the guardians of good, gargoyles, as enemies of the church and seek to destroy them. So Evan tries to shield his friends of stone and hide his powers from the church while saving gargoyles from destruction.

With a clergyman moving closer and the newly saved gargoyle, Adel, on his grounds life becomes both difficult and dangerous for both Evan and his stone friends. But they are loyal and he has allies he has yet to meet.

Risking his own life, Evan sets out to meet his destiny, but he is lucky to have Adel by his side—a gargoyle he called back to life and a love he didn’t expect to meet. Under his protection, Evan sets out to do what he was intended to.

This is the first book in a series, and I like the universe, the idea of the elementals and the calling awake of gargoyles. The love story is cute and very much in focus. There is a constant idea of a looming threat by the church, namely the diocesan father Michael. He’s a very difficult character to put a finger on.

I love the story, but I also feel like there is so much more to it than the love story which gets so much attention that this whole world seems lacking in depth. Hopefully this will be evolved in the sequel(s?) because if this was just an introduction, then I can live with it and look forward to delving into this world even further. It is captivating, well thought through and the gargoyles are cool and individual, fun characters.

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