Blind Book Dating

January Newsletter 2020

Blind Book Dating

Some of my favorite books have been found by what I have affectionately come to call “Blind Book Dating”.
I’ll go to the library and go to any aisle. I’ll place my finger on a shelf, walk (minding people and stuff now that I’m out peopling), and then suddenly stop and pick a book. I’ll then read it without looking at anything! It’s hard to miss the cover, of course, but I don’t read the blurb. I’m sometimes not even sure what genre I’ve ended up with. I’ll just let the author take me on the intended journey—no expectations to rile me up or the opposite.
This can also be done when coming across a discount bin at a bookstore. I close my eyes, dig into it, and produce a book. Then I buy it and try not to look at it or expect anything.
Expectations are often what ruins it for us, I’ve learned

So this is a new thing I’d like to do once a month in my newsletter for those brave enough to venture into the unknown with me and the author(s).
The only demand is that you review the book.
And I’ve given stellar reviews to a book I didn’t finish. No rating, but it was positive. The writing style wasn’t for me, but the subject was very interesting! I’ve even given a book I frigging hated four stars because technically, it was up there, but it wasn’t my genre. Just because a book isn’t for us, there’s still something good to be said about it. If it’s not for you, state so without leaving a star, but find something the author did well. Be good. The world needs that.

The idea to do this in a newsletter came about from Lord Caledon being seduced in a library in Claimed Beauty – the Cubi #2. In fact, I made a deal with Daniel and Seldon to see if they can mostly seduce the Lord in the indie aisles to fuck something interesting off the shelves.
Expected genres are paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, thriller, horror, MM romance, and true stories. We’ve agreed they stay out of the MF aisle, though. If possible.

Never limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

If you don’t know who Lord Caledon is, this is the guy:

Caledon EYES

He’s an incubus, eight hundred or so years old, and he loves to read.

So, if you want to participate in Blind Book Dating with Lord Caledon, respond to this newsletter. And feel free to give me ideas for what book someone randomly plucked from the participant list should receive. I’ll then buy the book and gift it through Amazon or Smashwords or wherever I find it.

The one going on the Blind Book Date will be announced in Merakinky’s Minions on the 10th every month, which will also be around the time the book is gifted.

Since this is the first time we do Blind Book Dating, I’d also love to hear how you think it could become even more interesting.

I hope you want to participate, and I look forward to sharing some of the reads I’ve found this way, since I’ll obviously be going through that shelf to share some of the goodies.

It’s still possible to enter this happening because I have it every month. This is merely the intro from January Newsletter. Sign up for my newsletter now that you know what it’s all about, and answer the email to participate. 

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