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Release Day Review

Posted: 10. February 2016 in Blog, Ikke kategoriseret

Running out of MoonlightRelease Day Interview, February 10th, 2016 with April Kelly

Today we meet April Kelly whose book, Running out of Moonlight (Saint Lake Series #2), is out today, February 10. You can find a release day review here.

Thank you all for stopping by. This is actually the first author interview on my blog, so I’m happy to have you at my kitchen table, April Kelly.

Thank you for having me.

Now, first important question: tea or coffee?

Coffee. Thank You.

Would you tell a bit about yourself while I find us a cup?

I’m from Southwest Michigan, about 10 minutes from Lake Michigan so I’m very lucky to draw some inspiration from the fantastic view when needed. I have two children, sixteen and seventeen years old. I’ve also been married for nineteen years to a wonderful husband who didn’t say a thing when I told him I wanted to try this writing thing. I’ve been published for one year now.

  1. What inspired the Saint Lake Series?

There’s a small town about four miles from my house that has three lakes and woods surrounding it. My weird mind wanted there to be dragon-shifters and other kinds of creatures in the town.

  1. How difficult was it for you to write Sage at this broken state?

I cried a lot will writing his story

  1. Which character is your favorite?

Of all the characters in the series, probably Bennett. I’m not sure why. Probably because he’s a straightforward type of guy. What you see is what you get with him.

  1. Plans for more in the series?

I’m planning for nine books in this series and I also have a spin-off series called Wingspan planned. I’m not sure how many books I’ll plan for the spin-off. I have three books that I’m developing so far.

  1. How did you fall in love with the shifter genre?

Well, I used to review books for a couple of the major review sites for the Erotic Romance and M/M genre’s in general. Through reviewing, I became a big fan of Charlie Richards and Stephani Hecht. Kim Dare also has a really great shifter series out.

  1. What book would you think it could be fun mixing with the Saint Lake Universe, and why?

What book of mine? Probably the Pickleville series. Jaron McAllister would shit himself if he saw a man shift into a dragon or wolf. It would be so funny to see the good citizens of Pickleville react to the paranormal world.

Of another authors? Probably Zoo by James Patterson. He’s such a technical writer and really gets into the science of why things happen. It would be fun to learn the science behind shifters and paranormals in general.

  1. How many dollars go into the dollar jar a year at Mother Estelle’s house? What does she use them for?

LOL With six sons and one daughter, I’m sure it’s in the thousands. And I’m not sure what she uses them for. I’ve never asked her, but knowing her the way I do she’d probably save the money and then give it to someone who really needs it. Maybe a clan member that’s having a difficult time financial. That’s what my mom did with our curse jar money. One year she gave the money to a family whose house burnt down so they could buy clothes or whatever. As her child, I’m just glad that my dirty mouth helped someone in need LOL.

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Time to write—organized

Posted: 29. December 2015 in Blog, Ikke kategoriseret

I’ve had a fantastic few months writing. I took an advice from a fellow author and made a schedule. I learned that keeping track of my writing by having pages with a visual progress upped my motivation, but it also helped me plan my time better.

So, November I managed 67.500 words and December so far is almost 50.000.

It will be interesting to see what 2016 has to offer with this new tool at hand, but I thought I’d share my success and hope other’s can learn from it and maybe improve their own quantity.

The first two pictures show how I divide a book into steps of 2500 words. These are my minimum quota pr. day. One page can be used over several months. I know they look a bit smudgy and messy, but I’m working on tweaking the tool during the New Year.

The calendar is a newly added tool for a bigger overview of my overall progress which is color coordinated to show more than just the daily progress.



For instance:

  • Yellow are writing days where I’ve written at least 2500 words
  • Orange are editing days, and I’ve put about three months in for that all in all
  • Green is the day I finished a first draft
  • Blue is the day a book is published

For 2016 I have planned on writing 450.000 words. This makes roughly 37,500 words a month, divided into fifteen days of writing, and fifteen days of editing, marketing etc.

Or nine months of 50.000 and three months of editing to make the math a bit more square. The good part is that it’s flexible.

This tool can work whether one writes several books at a time or just one, I guess, but I’ve always needed a few storylines at a time so that one book can ripen in the back of my head while another gets my attention.

Right now I’m writing a Paranormal series (WIP #5), and a Science Fiction (WIP #2), and I like having two so different worlds going on. I don’t think I could write two in the same genre unless the worlds are miles apart somehow.

2016 is going to be a good year! Because I planned it that way!

Man plans and God laughs, yeah, I’ve heard that, too, but I’m gonna give it my best anyway.

Happy New Year! May you find interesting new authors to enjoy.