Day and Knight #1

Day and KnightDay and Knight #1
by Dirk Greyson
ISBN13: 9781632167071
Dreamspinner Press LLC
e-book 200 pages
Published May 4th 2015
Cover: L.C. Chase

A To Be Read list can be full of gold, and this book kinda ended up on it because I saw it in passing while looking for a specific other book. But I’m very glad I got it!

Day and Knight, as different as they come, even when regarding their experience in life, end up on a mission to go in unseen and take out some terrorists. The only cruise available in their timeframe is a gay cruise, and the two opposites find out that they have one thing in common–their attraction toward each other.

Action, passion, and a well paced love story unfold as Day, who has chosen his closet, falls for his marine partner with a tragic family history. So many little things stand in their way of not only developing their professional partnership, but also their growing attraction. Climbing one hurdle, they find another. Being shot at while running toward the enemy doesn’t make for any fewer hurdles. The biggest, however, is to be found in the past.

And I’m so very pleased to learn, that there’s more than one book.


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