Deep Dive

Deep DiveDeep Dive
Tidel Crest #1
Jeff Erno
eXtasy Books
ISBN-1: 978-1-4874-0582-3
Pages: 114

Like so many others I’ve always been fascinated with mermaids. This is the first mer-story I’ve read, though, and I love it. It is very well written and the passion leaps off the pages.

Sam Lewis, a former Olympic diver, has led a somewhat secluded life while training and winning medals. He has hidden a side of himself for many years, and not until he is in his thirties has he dared come out. Now working as an entertainer in Water World doing dives for the visitors, Sam leads a quiet life. But that all changes when he meets Percy—a man so captivating that Sam falls deep and hard in a very short amount of time. But Percy who has a secret—a secret that can rip them apart. Now that Sam has finally found love, though, he’s going to fight to keep it.

The story is well paced, very sweet, and the mythology behind the merpeople is well thought through—revealed just enough to make sense, yet not so much that the logic side of the reader’s brain would kick in and question the logic behind it all.

I have only one grunt to utter, and that was the very quick ending—a climax I think could have been executed better since the rest of the book was so well written and paced. But it’s definitely not a grunt to discourage any reader to read this beautiful love story.


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