First Omega

First OmegaRebecca James
First Omega
Publisher JMS Books LLC
Published January 10th 2016
ISBN: 13-978-1634-8602-1-5
151 pages


The amount of werewolf stories I’ve read are limited, and mpreg is a first for me.

First Omega is about Josiah being allowed into a Werewolf village by a river for a month where a large pack of werewolves lives. As an employee at the human-werewolf congress, he’s determined to learn about them to ease the way for peace between the werewolves and humans, but his past presents more than a few challenges to not just his agenda but his work there and life after that month.

It is difficult to give more without adding spoilers, but it is a very exciting and well thought through plot with nice twists. The characters are easy to love or hate. Rebecca James made it easy to recognize the many characters and tell them apart. I found myself rooting for some of the character hookups and the need to sneer at others.

In particular, I love the way Josiah is portrayed and through his learning of werewolves even I—a novice to the genre with only a few werewolf stories on the list of read books—had an easy time getting into the world created.

I had that feeling of loss when the book ended, and enough strings were left unfinished for me to now pace the room, waiting for the next one. I have to find out what’s going on with the human-werewolf congress and their plans.


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