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I’m a geek who loves comparative religious theories, and this page will be filled out as I figure out more geeky author-research details and stuff that inspired this demigod race, my spin on magic, the witch hunt in history and many other factual stuff.

I love learning—the puzzle it is to put facts together and make it fit, and when it doesn’t it just means I don’t know enough about that particular area. This series is kinda my playground to play with this puzzle, but that doesn’t mean I believe it is as I write it. Some underlying themes are played with—like magic and how it works—and is mostly symbolic in nature when it is incorporated into the book.

The Chronicles of an Earned is a series that brewed in the back of my head for many years. It all began about eight years ago with a thin idea for a plot, and I wanted to see if it would work. So, on to a basic internet search of the ancient Mesopotamian gods. And it all fell apart! I didn’t know nearly enough about them. Eight years of research later into anything to do with comparative religious studies later the characters and plot finally fell into my lap, and now research involves going to museums, learning painting techniques, appraising antique furniture and so much more. Don’t worry, the books won’t end up being a recap of all the factual stuff I’ve learned—I just have to know all this stuff to make for a feeling in you, the reader, that me and my characters actually know what we’re doing and talking about. Credibility, pure and simple.

The Earned is a race of demigods created by god Enki and his wife Ninhursag after the great flood. Their purpose is to serve the souls of mankind. They are immortal and humble in their purpose to do so.

Witches in this story control elements. Earth, air, fire, water and ether.

Other than these two, I spin on angels and demons, Lucifer and Shaytan (Satan), and take the liberty to draw parallels between the scriptures where they are too much alike. I consider that they might be a mix-up between cultures and heritage as people moved around and told of where they came from etc. It’s a journey on its own.

I’d like to know whether or not anyone is interested in this, so please leave me a comment. Preferably with questions so I have a line of direction for more geekiness to put up here.

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