Hell and High Water

THIRDS—Hell & High Water Hell & High Water

Charlie Cochet

Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13 978-1-63216-012-6

Pages: 296

Cover L.C. Chase

Rating: **** (of five)

I accidently came across a post on Facebook about this Paranormal shapeshifter series called THIRDS. People were very excited about it, and since I had never read such, I thought this might be a good place to start. Halfway through, I bought the rest of the series.

Short review since you might need more than that.

Dexter J. Daley is a cop in New York City, only slightly different from what we know. He’s an upstanding cop, valuing justice and truth to a point where he turns in his own partner because of morals. This of course doesn’t sit well with the rest of the police station and only his wit and quirky sense of humor stands between him and a really shitty time at work, but his captain and family network have a different future in mind for him.

Something chemical happened a long time ago and Dex’ new partner, agent Sloane Brodie, is one of the results. He’s a Therian—a shapeshifter.

Dex and Sloane meet each other at a very troublesome point in their individual lives—one just got dumped, and the other just lost a longtime partner. They both have a need which is very different from the other, but attraction is there from early on. At the THIRDS—an elite, government funded military unit—working with a human and a Therian partnership, that’s not easy!

Sarcasm, quick wit, misunderstood enemies, family expectations, and a non-sanctioned love is the least of Dex’ problems. Being thrown head first into the Alpha unit of the THIRDS also lands him in the middle of a case about a supposed Therian killer on the loose in a society scared of the Therians themselves. Being a guy like Dex. This brings trouble! He has no idea just how much or what consequences his choices have.

From the get go I absolutely loved that the Therians are not these superhuman, no flaws, and all superhero strengths kind of shapeshifters. I love the troubles it brings—the restrictions in power.

Charlie Crochet delivers an action-packed and original story full of weird humor, quick wit, and odd taste in music. In a very detailed and thorough introduction to her world, she makes sure readers are up to speed and introduced to the innovations of the highly technical department of the THIRDS.

I’m not the kind of reader who loves details. Charlie Crochet has a well-balanced portion. It’s not a critique, just an observation—some readers love them, others don’t. To this I’ll add that I don’t usually read reviews before picking up a book, but about twenty pages into this I stumbled upon a very bad one. One complained that the erotica was more like one big flirt. I guess it colored my expectations of the rest of the book, but I found the flirt both fitting and…hell yeah, guys! It was awkward, it was hot, it was needy, it was all the things it was supposed to be, their situations taken into consideration. In other words—a great story with sex in its place and not slapped in there for a quick…I’m not gonna finish that line.

This book is alternate history (Sci-Fi subgenre), crime-thriller, psychological drama, and romance all wrapped up in an interesting, original, and well thought out plot and world.

Did I mention I bought the others? I’m gonna go read some more now!


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