Hybrid Incubator Excerpt

Unedited excerpt of Hybrid Incubator, a dark standalone novel containing non-con, dub-con, fisting, tentacles going places! And, unexpectedly, a HEA. I plan on one! If the characters deviate, feel free to throw a squid on the barbie because I’m rooting for them.

Left was the silence, the blindness, and the time for Alex’s brain to conjure up horrible things that could be done to him. Locking those thoughts out were impossible with the hard thing lodged deeply in his rectum. And colon. The thing was far enough in to be passed the rectum part.
Whenever his brain let go to try to sleep, that hard thing in his ass poked the subconscious, and his subconscious mind was both scared shitless and hopeless.
He felt sick. Nauseous. His body hurt, his muscles hurt, his ass hurt inside and out, his brain felt groggy, and the world no longer made sense. It all became surreal. Like the elephant with three or four legs, depending on how you looked at the lines. But he couldn’t see for the blindfold.
When he heard himself laugh, he knew he was losing his mind throb by throb as his intestines tried to accommodate the girth shoved into him.
Time became fluent, the threshold of pain became fluent, his mind became fluent, and somewhere in the silent room, he could hear waves crash against something. His ass, maybe. The waves held the rhythm of the dull throbbing pain in his ass, which in turn held the rhythm of his heart.
In and out, throb by throb, wave by wave…he lost count. Was it daytime? How long had he been there?
At some point, he peed, and the time it took felt…warm. His brain didn’t connect with any other feeling until the liquid pooled at his back and cooled. Then he remembered that it was disgusting.

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