Books I’ve read

Review starsI read, too, no surprise there.

Below you will find links to reviews of MM romance/gay erotica, whatever you wanna call it, books I have read.

As the years go by and in somewhat the order I read them. I have a much more neat list here categorized by author’s last name.


Goodreads challenge: 15 books – read: 20

Charlie Cochet

THIRDS series:

Hell & High Water #1
Blood & Thunder #2
Rack & Ruin #3
Rise & Fall #4
Against the Grain #5

Pacific Blue

Sui Lynn

20572336 Stone Heart
Adel’s Purr
Stone Heart
(Spoiler alert)

Cheyenne Meadows

Shadowing Mace
Shadowing Mace

Dirk Greyson

Day and Knight Series

Day and Knight #1 Sun and Shadow
Day and Knight
Sun and Shadow

an assassins holliday
An Assassin’s holiday

Jeff Erno

Tidal Crest Series

Deep Dive
Deep Dive

Bonnie Dee

The Tutor

Brina Brady

Rent Me Series

rent me Own me2 make me 3 For Me
Rent Me #1

Own Me #2
Make Me #3
For Me #4

April Kelly

Leave It All

Saint Lakes #1

Parker Williams

Havens creed
Haven’s Creed


Goodreads challenge: 50 books

Jamie Lake (with Jeff Rivera)

I Got You

Dan Skinner


April Kelly

Running out of Moonlight
Running out of Moonlight

Charlie Cochet


Catch a Tiger 26075798
Catch a Tiger By the Tail
Smoke & Mirrors

Jeff Erno

Golden Son
The Golden Son
(Tidal Crest Series #2)

K. C. Wells ( & Parker Williams *)

(Collars & Cuffs Series)

An Unlocked Heart Trust Thomas Someone to Keep me A Dance with Domination Damians Discipline Make Me Soar Dom of Ages
An Unlocked Heart #1
Trusting Thomas #2
Someone to Keep Me (*) #3
A Dance With Domination #4
Damian’s Discipline (*) #5
Make Me Soar #6
Dom of Ages (*) #7

Amelia C. Gormley

Strain #1

Nicholas Bella

Embraced Punishment Lessons Submission Control Acceptance
Chained in Darkness (New Haven Series Season 1 – #1-6)

Commanded 2 Ascension 2 Negotiation 2 Hunted 2 Evolution 2
House of Theoden (New Haven Series Season 2 – #1-5)

Branded 3 Claimed 3 Manipulation 3 Disciplined 3
Prince of the City (New Haven Series Season 3 – #1-4)

Retribution 4 Suspicion Opportunity
Retribution (New Haven Series Season 4 – #1-?)

Chosen Initiated dg3 DG4 DG5 DG6 Chance
Demon Gate Series

The Gay Vigilante Series

SF Tanner

Dissapear No Way Out
Brutal Master #1, #3

Rebecca James

First Omega Second Alpha
First Omega

Second Alpha

Lex Chase

Chasing Sunrise
Chasing Sunrise

Kate Aaron

Slave Soldier Master

J. Johanis

25776642 26014703
Drago Star
Slash Op

Jex Lane


M.A. Church

Nighttime Wishes

Rachel Haimowich and Heidi Belleau

Flesh Cartel Series





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