Rising Beauty Excerpt

Unedited excerpt of Rising Beauty

Contains SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read the first two books!!!

Daniel was pretty sure he could make the pancakes alone because he had taken notes, and the recipe was lying on the counter next to the lined up ingredients.

Seldon reached over and pushed the button on the radio. Some pop song blared from the speakers. It reminded Daniel of how much he had missed of a regular teen life like school and malls and soon he’d have missed his prom, too.

“Do you guys have social gatherings?”

“Yeah.” Seldon turned to study Daniel. “Any particular kind in mind?”

“I was thinking I’m gonna miss the prom.”

“Oh…” Seldon leaned against the counter and stared off, worrying his bottom lip. “You’re missing someone your own age, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes. I mean, Rosa is pretty youthful for a seventy-seven-year-old.”

Seldon laughed loudly. “When you start school you’ll run into cubs your own age.”

“Who I can’t play with because I’m the prince, right?”

“Play with?”

“You know, hang with, do stupid stuff with, chase…girls and…”

“Last part, no. Anyone under the age of twenty-two is off limits, even to you.”

“I can’t just horse around?”

“Probably not in the same way.” Seldon tapped his fingers on the counter, thinking. “And I’m probably too old to be fun.”

“No, you know how to have fun, too. I’m sure of it.”

“Oh, you’re sure of it?” Seldon grinned. “Is that like saying that so far I’ve been a stiff but you think I’m able to let lose somehow?”

“You in bed is interesting. You could be interesting in other situations, too.”

Seldon stared at him wide-eyed, an incredulous smile spreading, and Daniel felt his body tense and make ready to flee the kitchen. Daniel snickered and missed his mark when Seldon’s big body shot into action. Daniel yelped in surprise and ran for the door, running smack into Heimli’s broad chest.

“Thank you,” Seldon said, grabbed Daniel around the waist, and hoisted him into the air. A thousand scenarios ran through Daniel’s head as he felt his body spin in the air. He ended up hanging over Seldon’s shoulder getting spanked. Not hard, but he definitely felt the two slaps landing on each of his ass cheeks.

Then he heard the kitchen faucet.

“You’re right, I can be very creative in bed.” Seldon slapped Daniel’s ass again, making him yelp and grin.

From this position, Daniel had a full view of Seldon’s ass and decided to pay it back instantly. Daniel pulled a hand back, aimed, and slapped a cheek as hard as he could.

“The fuck!” Seldon shouted and jumped.

Daniel’s palms stung like hell. “Aw!”

“Aw what?” Seldon asked and slapped Daniel’s ass again.

Daniel laughed and kicked to get free. “Your ass is like made of steel or something.”

“Nope, slapping ass is a technique that requires practice.”

Daniel believed him as another playful slap rained down on his ass. “Practice, huh?” Daniel slapped Seldon’s ass with both hands like it was a drum.

“That’s enough practice,” Seldon announced, flipped Daniel in the air, and cold water soaked his pants and cooled his ass.

“No! What are you…?” Daniel struggled to get up while Seldon laughed loudly, water going everywhere. Daniel found himself sitting in the washbasin full of cold water, the faucet still running. “Oh, you did not just dunk my ass!” Daniel gathered his hands and scooped up handfuls of water to douse Seldon.

Seldon tried to stop him, but he was laughing too hard to focus, and Daniel finally managed to flip himself out of the washbasin and onto the floor, now slippery from water.

Revenge, how was he going to take revenge now that they were both dunked and wet? He saw his means and reacted before critical thinking stopped him to think if it was actually a good idea or not.

“Oh, you did not!”

Daniel stopped to look at a flour covered Seldon—the white clinging to his wet clothes. The floor was covered too. And the table. The chairs. And half of Heimli’s chest and Viking beard.

“Wait, wait!” Daniel said, reached into the cupboard to grab the container with ground ginger, and flicked a pinch at Seldon. “There. Gingerbread man.”

“Oh, that song needs new lyrics,” Seldon said, grinning. He then began his version of the children’s song. “Run, run, run from the Gingerbread man.”

Daniel took the advice, but he didn’t get far before Seldon scooped in and grabbed him, still singing. Seldon wrestled Daniel to the ground and the rest of the bag of flour in Daniel’s hand emptied over the back of Seldon’s wet clothes.

Daniel laughed and gave up struggling against Seldon—the guy was too heavy even without old Cubi superpowers. Seldon leaned in for a kiss, and Daniel pulled him closer to deepen it. He was amazed at how this stern old Incubus could also be this playful idiot. He’d thought himself insane sometimes for falling in love with him but apparently you had no control over strange feelings like that.

One thing was for sure, with moments and kisses like these, Daniel was happy he had ended up with the Cubi race.

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