Roughnecks and Butterflies #1

Ore 5 is a MM Romance Science Fiction series (Space Opera) taking place on one of the new minimg planets established by a French Company.


Roughnecks & Butterflies #1

Straight out of college Ethan scored a coveted job on the mining planet Ore 5. So how the hell did he ended up working in a strip club?


What should have been the start of a life with lots of money, a prestigious job, and adventures in space quickly turned sour as the promised job got down sized while Ethan was in route to Ore 5. Once there, he doesn’t even have enough money for the return ticket to Earth.

Stuck in the outer skirts of the housing for the miners, he quickly finds that his usual standards are impossible to uphold. A new coworker opens up a new world to him, and in this world the center of gravity is a big tattooed strip club owner named Ryder.

On the outside, Ryder is a player—promiscuous, superficial, and he has no problem throwing a punch if patrons get too frisky with his dancers. But he has hidden a side of himself since he came to Ore 5.

Both Ethan and Ryder see themselves differently from what others see. One is a body conscious, chubby accountant—the other is a sex-symbol who has become the center of attention of every gay man on the planet. Even a few straight ones who want to prove that they are man enough to win the challenge.

They have one thing in common though, but will their differences keep them too far apart?

Unedited excerpt

He went back to focusing on the music, letting the beat lull him into his own little space as he warmed his muscles. The nervousness shimmered up and made his skin tingle—the adrenaline took hold as every beat of the music took him one beat closer to when the base would drop as a roaring plummeting sound effect, announcing that he was the next to take the stage.

The reaction from the crowd was the first high, and he remembered the first time that sound had announced him and a few half-enthusiastic women had yelled woow. Back then it had almost taken away the courage to get up there—his first time on stage.

But now…

The base dropped and so did his stomach.

…the crown went ballistic.




His newest choice of song to his newest never before seen routine began, and he went onto the stage, the music already leading him as if he was in strings and the music the puppet master.

It would lead him for a while—energize his entire being until his soul cried out in awe of the fluidity he could force his body to perform. By then his soul would break free from the strings—he’d be the butterfly breaking free of its cocoon as he stripped out of his clothes, and he’d float. Float in a sea of aesthetics and full control of every move, where he’d be able to feel every muscle, every tendon, and every joint work together to draw in the ones sharing this blissful experience of a dance danced by the soul.

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