Running out of Moonlight

Running out of MoonlightRunning out of Moonlight
Saint Lakes #2
April Kelly
Published February 10, 2016
Published by BonyDee Press
Pages 168
ISBN-13: 978-1310-369-759
Cover Art: Bronwyn Heeley

In the first book of the Saint Lake series, Leave it All, we met the rare male witch Lucas who goes from a normal boring ass life with headaches to running from vampires. A particularly nasty one named Nicolono Stavros set heaven and earth in movement to find him, but, luckily, sometimes a stranger is who you need.

This stranger sets Lucas on a path that leads him to Saint Lake. Here he meets his destined mate, Bennett, who lives a quiet life, fixing boats. Mating is not something Lucas has ever heard of while growing up thinking the paranormal only comes out of Hollywood. An, at times, fun and angst filled journey begins for the two men who tries to get to know each other. Not an easy feat as Lucas is still getting to know the powers in himself.

The particularly nasty vampire has other plans than to let the two men find each other—he wants Lucas and his powers for himself.

In Running out of Moonlight the POV shifts to a member of Bennett’s shifter family, Sage. He got caught in the crossfire during the troubles with Stavros in Leave it All, and he has been raped severely. He’s now trying to find himself. Having found his mate in the ruins they left behind at Stavros’ mansion, Sage has both the help he needs and a whole boat load of new trouble to deal with. Garridan, his mate, was held captive by Stavros as well, so both men need each other—one more than the other.

It took me a few chapters to get my baring in the story and remember who was connected to whom and how. After that, it was smooth sailing.

This book has far less action than the first in the series, but it still delivers chapters where the reader moves to the edge of the seat and curses their e-book reader for choosing that time to run out of battery. This reader did, anyway. The lack of battle with Stavros leaves room for the development of Sage, though, and his story is a battlefield in a broken mind. Clever little hints are dropped here and there, and I expect the author simply wanted to build the characters before taking them into battle, so that the reader feels so much more once it comes. Because Stavros is far from done! And he has been at it for longer than we knew. Something’s brewing, and it isn’t Mother Estelle’s stinky potions.

This book is for the readers who love the shifter romance and mating dance—maybe with a touch of sappy. The ones who focus more on that then the action. April Kelly doesn’t leave her readers hanging on cliff, screaming for the next one, but nicely wrapped HFN endings with a sprinkle of I-need-more.

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