Saving Starfish excerpt

Unedited excerpt

saving starfishThey followed Matheo through time-space and exited into ruins of what had once been one of Enki’s temples. Two packs were already there and the rest followed within minutes.

Matheo went to stand on a small mound of rocks. “Pack leaders, please form a circle around me. Behind each of your leader, you line up in cycles—the oldest behind the leader. I will teach you the intonation, you will follow. We open with four pitches from our center organ and one vocal.” Matheo intoned and taught them the pitch before he went to stand behind Allen.

Dominic stayed clear of the circle and watched from a distance.

“Now,” Allen said, and all the Earned intoned. Energy rushed from the outer Earned and toward the pack leader as if he was a conductor of energy, and Dominic stood back and watched as the pack leaders began to shiver. A vacuum-alike feeling sucked them all off their feet toward the center where Matheo had stood, and energy made the air move like heat from asphalt would on a hot summer day.

A grand woman and man stepped from the energy, and Dominic fell to a knee and bowed his head.

“Nintu-Ab-Gal-Lu,” the pack leaders said, getting up from their prone positions to kneel and bow their heads.

“Earned in need, we come to you as promised.” The woman stepped down from the crumbled platform. “Rise and tell me why.”

They all got up and Allen stood forward on shaky legs. He seemed small compared to the beings they had summoned.



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