Second Alpha

Second AlphaRebecca James
Second Alpha
Publisher JMS Books LLC
Published April 10th 2016
ISBN: 13-978-1634-8608-0-2
150 pages


In First Omega, Rebecca James built her world and introduced a lot of memorable characters. She also wove in an engaging plot twist that needed to be looked at from a different angle. This angle we get in Second Alpha as we follow the—like the title hints—second alpha of the River pack, David, as he goes to the city to function as the ambassador for the pack. Pack alpha, River, has enough on his hands with Josiah being pregnant and his human half causes trouble.

Once again, I absolutely enjoyed myself when reading a book by Rebecca James. She has a flair for character building and pacing the information the readers need. She knows how to ramp up the heat in the right places, and how to make the reader inch their butt closer to the edge of their chair. There’s a sweet balance between action, heaty sex, ups and downs in the character’s relationships, and the threats to be solved.

Unlike the first book, that left me pacing for this one, Second Alpha has a nice round-off and it scares me. I need more from this world. I wanna know about River’s and Josiah’s future, I wanna know if David gets the man he loves, and I wanna know if this bordering threat of the Ferals is there or just in my over-imaginary head. In short, I. Just. Want. More!

I like the fact that the first book was called FIRST something, and the second SECOND something. Whether this is a coincidence or if Rebecca James has a fiendishly clever plan going, I cannot say, but I find it kinda cool.

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