Shadowing Mace

Shadowing MaceShadowing Mace
Cheyenne Meadows
ISBN13: 9781632166012
e-book 117 pages
Published February 25th 2015
Dreamspinner Press LLC
Cover: Reese Dante


Being new to the shifter genre I had no expectations going in.

Shadow is a burley alpha with a lot on his mind, and when his brother leaves him with even more responsibility in hunting season—the most stressful season of all—his father pairs him with a beta shifter with the ability to push every of the stressed out alpha’s buttons!

The beta, Mace, is fearless, though, and he keeps at it to dig under the skin of a man he has been in love with for quite some time. Whatever it takes, he will get through to Shadow and offer up the vent, the brooding alpha so obviously needs.

Just how much Shadow needs Mace to help him becomes obvious once someone decides to take out his aggressions on the packs members.

Other than what begins as a dangerous (to Mace) flirt, this story is steamy and raw! Nothing is spared when these two finally let their passion hit the sheets, and one could say that the story kind of shifts its focus from a mystery plot to untamed sex. If you like that, this book is for you. If you expect focus to stay on the mystery, then no.

As stated, I went in not expecting anything, so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, but I would have liked a finish or a more well-planned finish up of the case that Shadow and Mace work.

Dreamspinner Press


Cheyenne Meadows

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