Stone Heart

Stone Heart Stone Heart
Sui Lynn

Extasy Books
Published May 15th 2013
ISBN13: 9781771115605
2nd Edition, ebook, 124 pages

Stone Heart

Justin Anderson has caught the interest of a real lunatic—David, an ex military guy who has his heart set on Justin. To escape the psychological and physical terror of the guy, he flees town and moves close to his twin sister Tracy. Upon moving he fills his life with the pursuit of the dream of opening an art gallery. The perfect building presents itself, and he buys the old church. And it has gargoyles. Justin loves them, but one stands out. He finds peace in their presence while he tries to find his footing and pull off a gala opening of his new gallery. But David has other plans for Justin who has to call in special help. The security he finds in the special gargoyle’s arms roots him enough in the moment to live through round two of David’s terror.


The plot with David and all that Justin and his family goes through is exciting. But the very quickly escalating love between Justin and the gargoyle Cullen seems shoved in there and never gets the room to evolve naturally. It is instant forever lasting love and a gargoyle going from big, strong, and protective to puppy dog insecure in a split second. I love the whole idea, and the first of Sui Lynn’s books I read (Adel’s Purr) had far more room for the characters to evolve and fall in love. It’s too bad really, as the story could become really good if the characters got said room. The crime mystery with David could have stood alone and been an exciting tale.

I kind of got lost in this series as I found the edition I have just finished is apparently three parts in one. If this is the eXtasy Book edition or an earlier, I can’t say, but it is probably a first edition as it had a few flaws like a single head hop, a few dialogues of two people in one paragraph, and a few other hick ups editorially speaking. Some people can’t overlook them when reading, but if the story is good, it doesn’t matter.

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