Sun and Shadow – Day and Knight #2

Sun and ShadowSun and Shadow
Day and Knight #2

by Dirk Greyson
ISBN13: 9781634770798
Dreamspinner Press LLC
e-book 210 pages
Published November 9th 2015
Cover: L.C. Chase


Back on the job with a shoulder injury, Day eases back into his job, while Knight is being his usual asshole self. Knight’s feelings are all over the place, and he has trouble getting a handle on things. He knows exactly what he wants’, but the marine has a problem with taking more than willpower into consideration.

Things have definitely evolved between them, and the assholeness is now a somewhat common skill as the new partners are rushed into a mission in Europe to find an asset needed to spoil a political agenda which goes against the States wishes. Day’s intellect and Knight’s cool approach turns out to be a good combination, but forces wish to see them fail. Even old ghosts threaten to throw a wrench in not only their mission but their rocky romance.

I guess letting oneself inspire by contemporary political agendas makes for a difficult story to write. If the reader either doesn’t agree or don’t have the background to see eye to eye it can quickly become a read where one either just goes along for the ride or find oneself irritated by American ignorance and delusions of grandeur in their self-proclaimed job as Big Brother and watcher of the world.

Not knowing of political agendas remotely close to what is being described in the book, and thus not able to follow that train of thought, I let it go and just enjoyed the teamwork, Day and Knight’s evolving feelings for one another, and yet another installment of well paced action and romance. These sides are strong enough to overshadow the latter, so if you’re not a fan of politics, don’t fret—the story can be enjoyed anyway.

Politics aside, I thoroughly enjoy following this partnership, and the series is on the list of “pre-order to be the first to read” books.

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