The Tutor

The Tutor tutor

Bonnie Dee

Published July 21st 2015

1st, Kindle Edition, 183 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1310585845



This is without a doubt the most beautiful horror story I have ever read. It leaves me wanting nothing. Truth be told I hadn’t read the blurb, so I didn’t have any idea what I was in for—just that it was paranormal, historical, male/male romance. And I read it in a day (through the night)—I simply couldn’t put it down, and my alarm clock was in for overtime this morning.

Graham Cowrie takes a position as a tutor at Allison Hall. The family has experienced the devastating loss of the lady of the house, and both children and widowed husband, Richard, are still grieving. Graham takes it upon himself to bring a bit of happiness back to the old gloomy building, but some thing isn’t interested in his endeavor. He does manage to warm the heart of Richard, but stronger forces work to pull them apart and to keep the house in a shadow of hate and despair.

It’s a skillfully written story with strong characters, believable in its portrayed time, and a thrilling ghost tale. A forbidden romance strengthens the plot and character developments.

This story has taken a place on my top ten M/M romance novels. I will surely read it again.


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