Untouchable Beauty Excerpt

Unedited excerpt from Untouchable Beauty

untouchable-beauty-customdesign-jayaheer2016-ebookcover[…]”My House has first dibs on the Untouchables and I want you to take one in.”

Oh, shit no! The shock at this almost had Seldon stopping short, but he caught himself. “Yes, my Lord. Thank you for the honor.”

“Oh, come on, Seldon, I’ve known you far too long for you to be able to bullshit me. You hate the idea.”

Seldon smiled, looking at his Lord. Other than being fucking gorgeous with a strong purple glow to his eyes, the man’s features and body made Seldon have to fight drooling. Especially when the Lord took off his clothes. Seldon looked away, trying to not undress his Lord with his eyes as he pulled his shirt on. The smug grin on Caledon’s face said it all. He knew perfectly well what Seldon did.

“You’re right, I do hate the idea.”

“You have the room, and I’m sure your training of the red-eyes means you’ll have time on your hands to train an Untouchable, too. Even with a fighter. You and Chris are the next green-eyed up for the task, but you’re also a full-blooded Cubi so I choose you.”

“Some would call that favoritism,” Seldon said, eying his lord.

“I don’t care. And before you come up with the next excuse, I didn’t choose you for this task because I’m your regular doser, either. Chris is my fifth sire, you’re my fourth. That’s the math of the hierarchy.”

“Okay, okay, I was joking. I’m honored to serve the House of my Lord Caledon.”

“No, you weren’t joking.” Amusement danced in the lord’s eyes. “You were trying to slither your way out of this daunting and time-consuming responsibility. Your loyalty warms my old heart, though. Now come on.”

“Yes, My Lord,” Seldon said, running his hand through his short hair. Old heart? Yeah, Caledon neared eight hundred years, but he looked late twenties with jet-black hair and had an ass Seldon had fantasized about slipping his cock into on more than three hundred occasions. At least.

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