TITLE: Xperiment

AUTHOR: Dan Skinner

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 686 Pages

RELEASE DATE: January 01, 2016




This book is so unlike anything I have ever read, and that’s saying something since I’m the kind of reader who takes chances on just about anything.

The sheer amount of socially relevant subjects, conspiracy theories, odd factual details, and depth of both world building and character development has had a never before experienced effect on me. In short, I fell in love with the author’s brain!

Monsters aren’t born… they’re engineered.

Xperiment is about a socially awkward young man named Geoff Markham fighting his way through a shitty existence and a shitty job. On a day worse than the majority he finds an ad in the paper about RLS pharmaceuticals, looking for test subjects to try out a new vitamin for money. Geoff needs the money! And his health could use a boost, too. And a boost it gets!

This is a cinder block sized novel, but not a page could be cut without robbing the reader of an insight so heartfelt and deep. Sometimes I thought that the MC Geoff seemed way older than nineteen, but what he’s been through would make most people age before their time. It did take me a while to see him as nineteen, but as his story unfolded I found it easier and easier, and it made me contemplate stereotyping. This wasn’t the only time Dan Skinner made me question how I see the world—he was merely warming up.

As Geoff evolves on the vitamins, a new world opened up, and Geoff’s way of viewing the world means a steady flow of cleverly picked details from socially relevant topics mixed and masterfully juggled with elements from conspiracy theories, and a variety of oddball science like the theories on genetic memory (that our instincts are partially made up of memories from our ancestors infused in our DNA). And this is where I developed a crush on Dan Skinner’s brain.

Other than Geoff there are a few other important characters, one of which is a blind musician. His view of the world is as fascinating and…dare I use the word esoteric, as the rest of the story, and “seeing” the world and Geoff through his eyes puts a new element to the depth of the characters and world created—one close enough to ours that we can recognize it, yet strange enough for us feel safe in knowing that it isn’t possible.

This is not the kind of book you just pick up and have an afternoon with. Firstly, the length won’t allow it, secondly, it is simply too saturated with life and thought to be digested if swallowed whole. This is a book to savor.

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